you will be the hero of the freelykickers.




  • Entertainment of children
  • Sing songs and cheer with children
  • Participate in all activities, which is intended for both children and for adults
  • Meeting and escort of participants
  • Support of infrastructure
  • Maintenance of departures of participants to trainings, the dining room and any other activities
  • Make sure that every child has the time of their entire life


  • Coaching of children
  • Help in the execution of sports and training programs
  • Promote the ambition for a healthy lifestyle and the love for sports
  • Creation of unity between children, friendship as well as to teach them to host not only a victory but also defeat


  • Provide stypend for expenses
  • Free accomodation and meals
  • Volunteer-certificate
  • Unforgettable experience and useful skills


Hello future freelykicker-hero!

Below we have given answers to frequently asked questions fore camp counselors and coaches to the freelykick camps. Of course, the soccer coach will spend more time on the field during the trainings, and the life teahcers in other specified areas.

Nevertheless, despite the different duty roles, business hours will be identical. In addition, the soccer coach will sometimes have to help the life teacher, also the life teacher will sometimes have to help the soccer coach.

We need active, cheerful and vigorous freelykick members!

What are the requirements for Volunteers?

  • for the volunteers in the freelykick camp the volunteer has to be completely available during the period of time of the camp
  • age: 18 – 30
  • vigorous, active, positive, creative, proactive, talented, friendly and loving to children

All listed below requirements are desirable, but are not obligatory: 

  • experience as a volunteer (in children’s camps, schools or any other related children activity)
  • knowledge of methods of behavior and treatment of children is welcomed
  • Knowledge of English or Chinese.

If you do not possess most of these qualities, don’t worry our competent freelykick staff will teach you!

Does freelykick cover my travel costs?

Freelykick does not cover your travel expenses to get to the camp. You will have to reach the camp independently.

During your duty in the camp the company will provide accomodation, meals and transport to/for the activities for the entire period of the camp.

How will the training of the volunteers will be conducted?

Volunteers for the freelykick camp will be trained in Shanghai prior to the start of the freelykick Football Summer Camp SHANGHAI 2018. The schedule and exact dates will be specified later by the administration of freelykick.

Together with the freelykick staff you will develop methods and knowledge about work with children, teams, football training with children and, of course, the rules and philosophy of freelykick.

How does the process of selecting the volunteers work?

No worries, everything is simple!

1) First you have to register on the freelykick website and fill out the application form.

2) Our freelykick human ressources team will carefully check the information filled out on the questionnaire.

3) After the assessment of questionnaires you will be invited to an interview.

4) In the interview we will get to know each other personally, we will understand what you know about freelykick, and learn more about your pesonality and your skills.

4) After these stages the final list of the Volunteers will be published and exact dates of training will be appointed.

5) The volunteers who have passed all above-mentioned stages become volunteers in the freelykick camp.

After the application you will be notified within two weeks. Further we will organize a date that is convenient for your interview.